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4 things To Do in Barcelona During The Spanish Grand Prix 2017

The engines are roaring, the race tracks are well polished and Formula 1’s top teams are all geared up for the grand speed event. This year’s Spanish Grand Prix kicks off in a matter of 7 days from now at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton will be battling it out with this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel. The top positions for the last year’s event were clinched by Max Verstappen, Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel respectively.

It is hard to ignore that Barcelona is a sports hub in Spain. This makes it the ideal location for one of the world’s famous motorsport race track-the Circuit de Catalunya. But it is not sports in particular that makes Barcelona a favorite tourist destination in Europe. The city has something extra to offer.

Besides being in Barcelona for the thrill of speed, here is a list of things you should indulge in before heading home.

spanish cuisine

Experiment the Spanish cuisine

The mention of Spanish cuisine sparks memories of tapas; small portions of different types of food. This diet is best served hot or cold as an appetizer or a snack. Barcelona is beaming with tapas bars and restaurants. There is also a variety of fresh seafood that you should not miss. Seafood is one of the items you are guaranteed to find on a menu at a Barcelona restaurant. There is plenty for everyone.


If you are always looking to stand out from the crowd in terms of fashion, welcome to Barcelona. The city is a center of creativity for the fashion world. A stroll into one of the city’s shopping malls will have you rocking something from your favorite designer.

spain beach holiday

Go to the beach.

For a city that is located on the coast, Barcelona has some of the best beaches in Europe. Its beaches have very large communal areas and are always clean.

Visit the Picasso Museum

In Barcelona, there is sports, tapas and then the Picasso Museum; home to Spanish greatest artistic work. You have not been to Barcelona if you have not visited the Picasso Museum. The enormous artistic work will give you some great insights into the beauty of the city.

The city is also home to amazing architectures such as the Gothic Monastery, Gaudi’s architecture and the Camp Nou’s Football Museum

spanish grand rix race track

P.S:  When it comes to formula 1, your sitting position is everything. It determines how much you enjoy the race. There is a variety of corners in the race tracks but the Elf corner is famed for having a good potential for overtaking. It is a slow right-hand turn that comes after a long straight.

Here, cars can break from about 310 km/h right down to 135 km/h.


Grandstands E, F, J, K and A have the best views of the corner.

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