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Welcome to Monte Carlo, Monaco your next home for the next four days from 25th May. Monaco might be known for many things but it will be our next Formula One destination in less than a weeks time.

The Spanish Grand Prix lived up to our expectations and we are looking forward to the Monaco Grand Prix in high hopes. Lewis Hamilton held off Sebastian Vettel to win the Spanish Grand Prix after a fault at the pit entry cost him the top position in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

While the odds might be working well in previous race events for the two champions, the Monaco Grand Prix calls for more than excellent track records. Perfectionism, precision and technical excellence are a must have to win this race.

monaco grand prix track map

It is every top driver’s dream to clinch the race. Here, cars run with full down force and brakes are overworked. Overtaking is a far-fetched fallacy which makes it critical to qualify in Monaco than at any other Formula One event. A win in the race will earn the driver a slot in the list of history’s all-time great.

Monaco grand prix fans

Before the Spanish Grand Prix, we enlisted the top of the not-to-be-missed activities in Barcelona. We hope you utilized the tips and made the most out of your trip. While Barcelona was fun, we believe that Monaco will spice things up and turn the fun a notch higher this time. Book your tickets and travel package today before its too late.

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